The Basketball Nets

Slam Dunk!

Defy gravity and dunk like an All Star on our basketball hoops. Through the legs, round the back, or maybe even from a reverse dunk? Let’s see what you’ve got!.


  • Standard Park Rules apply
  • Only one participant at a time per lane
  • Do not jump until the trampoline is clear
  • Balls should only be thrown towards the hoop
  • No grabbing or hanging off the hoop, backboard or support bars
  • No jumping or dunking from behind the backboard
  • No kicking the balls
  • Stay on your track. Do not cross lanes
  • No assisted attempts
  • Do not remove or throw the balls out of the basketball activity area
  • Exit the jump area as quickly as possible by the nearest exit point

Want to try the Basketball Nets?

Come in and give it a try!