A bit about AirFit


Not only is this the best way of keeping fit but it’s the funnest! NASA studies show that trampolining is 68% more effective than normal exercise methods and requires less effort whilst providing with you with a low impact, full body workout.

Check our “Benefits of Trampolining” section for more info.

To add to the flair of our fitness sessions our Fitness Link instructor  will be running our Air Fit Classes and is ready and waiting to kickstart your metabolism and help you burn some major calories.

Monday & Wednesday 19:00pm

AirFit Classes

Our Fitness Link instructor  will be running our AirFit classes and Boot Camps. They  also be on hand to give you advise on anything you need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle. AirFit classes are open to anybody over 16 at any fitness level.

Fitness at your Own Pace

Go at your own pace or push yourself to the limits but most of all HAVE FUN!

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