Air Jump Ltd – Privacy Policy



Airjump  Ltd  always takes it’s customer data seriously so we have taken steps to ensure that we adopt best practice under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the privacy of individuals. Our goal under GDPR is to maintain and, whenever possible, improve on the minimum standards for the assurance of your rights to data privacy and protection.

On this page you can find out how to contact us to find out more about your data and also your privacy Rights and how we will act.


We recognise our responsibility in looking after your data. You can ask Us for a copy of the data We hold, have it corrected, sent to a third party or deleted (subject to Our need to hold data for legal reasons). We manage this process by executing a Data Subject Access Request procedures in line with GDPR requirements when you contact us. You can request a Data Subject Access Request Form by contacting us:


By Post: Data Protection Officer, Unit 5a Lagoon Road, Orpington, Kent BR5 3QX

By Email: [email protected]

By Phone: 08006771502

We will respond within 40 calendar days of receipt of this DSAR. We also reserve the right to increase the response time to three months if we consider the request to be complex and time consuming. If you are not satisfied you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).



The right to be informed

We will inform you through privacy statements whenever we collect personal data from you. A privacy statement will tell you what we collect, the purpose for collecting it, the data items that we need to process, how long we will keep your data for, and how you can access your data. 

Airjump will not share your data with any third parties unless required by Law or you given consent. 

Cookies are only used for website analytics. 

Here is an example of a Privacy Statement we use when you book with us:

Airjump Privacy Statement – booking with us

We will collect and process your personal data only for the purpose of providing access to our trampoline facilities and taking payment for this access. We will share this data with EZ Runner Ltd who manage and process all bookings.

We also process health and wellbeing information where you wish to use advanced equipment at our sites. In the event of any injuries or accidents we may be asked to pass this information to emergency services, insurers or legal entities.

We collect first name, last name, Date of Birth, email address, postal address, phone number (mobile and/or landline)

If we are required to transfer personal data outside of the EU, we will inform you before the transfer takes place.

We will store your personal data only for the period of 3 yrs

Your individual rights can be found at Airjump Privacy Pages on our website.

You have the right to make a complaint by contacting the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Please refer to the ICO’s procedures via the website:

Should you wish to receive details from where the personal data we hold about you, you will be required to complete a Data Subject Access Request. You must contact us to receive a Data Subject Access Request. We will process a request upon receipt of completed forms within 40 days.

To receive a Data Subject Access Request you must contact us by email [email protected]; by post Data Protection Officer, Data Request, Airjump, 5a Lagoon Road, Orpington, Kent BR5 3qx; by phone (+44) 0800 6771502

In the event of any data breach, including the hack, loss, destruction, alteration or unauthorised disclosure of personal data, we will inform you within 72 hours of us first becoming aware of the data breach.

The right to rectification

We have implemented processes that ensure your personal data remains accurate and up to date. In the event data is deemed not accurate and you wish this data to be amended, you must contact us. You must specify which records you wish to be updated.


The right to erasure


At any time you may request that your personal data is erased from our records. We will erase all records in accordance with our storage and retention policy. You must provide details of the record you wish to be erased.


The right to restrict processing


You have the right to block or restrict the processing of your personal data. This means that we will store your personal data, but will not process it for further use in our marketing services. We will restrict processing under the following circumstances:


Where you contest the accuracy of the personal data, we will restrict processing until we have verified the accuracy of the personal data with you.


Where you object to the processing (where it was necessary for the performance of a public interest task or purpose of legitimate interests) we will consider whether our businesses lawful basis override those of you as the individual. We will store the data, but will not undertake any further processing until both parties have agreed that our business use is within our lawful basis.


When processing is unlawful, and the individual opposes erasure and requests restriction instead. We will store the data and will not undertake further processing. We refer you to the right to erasure policy, and will implement our erasure policy upon receiving your request. Where we no longer need the personal data but you require the data to be retained to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim. You must state details of the record you wish to be retained. We will automatically delete personal data records in accordance with the consent policy. However, should you wish this data to be retained in order to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim, then we will store and retain this data until the legal claim has been resolved. We will inform you when we decide to lift a restriction on processing.


The right to data portability*


You have the right to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purpose. We will provide you with your personal data or move, copy or transfer that data to another business in a safe and secure way.


The right to data portability only applies:


* to personal data you have provided us;


* where the processing is based on your consent or for the performance of a contract.


We will provide this data to you or the business to which you require your personal data to be transferred, within one month of receiving instruction from you. However, if we decide that the data request is complex, then we will extend this time period for a further two months. Where this is the case, we will provide an explanation.


Should you wish your data to be sent to you or transferred to another business, then you must contact the Data Controller to obtain a copy of a Data Subject Access Request form.

We will provide the personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format. Examples of appropriate formats include CSV and XML files.

Where we are unable to transfer the data to another business due to technicalities or restrictions, then we will send the personal data to you for you to complete the transfer.


This service will be provided free of charge.


The right to object


You have the right to object to any processing undertaken for the purposes of direct marketing (including profiling). We will stop processing for direct marketing as soon as we receive your objection.

We will stop processing from the date of receipt of your objection.

The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

We do not perform automated decision-making using your personal data to profile, nor do we supply the information we hold to third parties for use in analysis or prediction.