Battle Beams

What is it? Please note the foam pit has been replaced with a Air Bag.

One on one combat.

Its a test of balance, strength and wit with soft weapons for the battle and a Air Bag for an even softer landing.

Play a friendly game for fun with your friends or settle a score by challenging your rivals to a game of Gladiators. The first to be pushed off of the beam loses!


Battle Beams Rules:


  • Standard Park Rules apply
  • Jumpers must be over 1.2 meters tall to use this activity.
  • Do not jump into the Air Bag  from the walkway(s)
  • Only two people at a time on the beam
  • Start in the centre of the beam
  • Do not go until Air Bag is clear
  • No head shots
  • Keep it friendly & polite
  • Do not throw the pugil sticks
  • Do not jump or dive head first into the Air Bag
  • Only ever jump feet first
  • Only land on your back or bottom
  • Do not land on your knees on the Air Bag
  • Do not ‘tuck your knees up’ or ‘curl up’
  • Exit the Air Bag as quickly as possible by the nearest exit point

Want to try the Battle Beams?

Come in and give it a try!