Walk The Wall

What is it?

the most challenging part of the park for the advanced adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. our performance trampolines are ready to give you a bit more spring so you can practise and perfect your free running skills. start on the smallest tier while you gain your confidence and perfect your technique then advance to the next tiers to get some real air time.

Walk the Wall Rules

  • Walk The Wall Rules


    • Standard Park Rules apply
    • Jumpers must be over 1.2 to use this activity
    • Anyone waiting or spectating should stand well clear of the trampolines
    • Take extra care – trampolines in this area have a greater rebound effect & provide superior height & a greater degree of difficulty & risk
    • This area is for advanced jumpers only. Only those with the required skill level should participate
    • Do not attempt to “Walk The Wall” until you have the skills to the required level
    • You must use the lowest wall(s) first until you have the necessary skill level to use the higher wall(s)
    • Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level
    • Do not bounce between adjacent trampolines
    • Vertical bouncing is not permitted due to the proximity of the wall, other than a modest number (up to 5) bounces which are necessary to initiate horizontal bouncing
    • No flips off the top of the walls
    • You must only land on your back when falling from the top of the wall(s)
    • Strictly only one person per trampoline at any one time
    • Do not jump until landing zone is clear
    • No climbing or scrambling up the wall
    • No sitting or lying on the wall

Check out the safety instructions before you walk!

Want to try The Wall?

Come in and give it a try!