A bit about AirDunk


Ever wanted to “Fly like an Eagle” and dunk just like Michael Jordan but could never jump that high? Now’s your chance to show the NBA scouts what you’re made of! Show off all your tricks and skills down one of the runways and finish off with a show stopping AirDunk!

The sky’s the limit!

Air Dunk Rules

  • Standard Park Rules apply
  • Only one participant at a time per lane
  • Do not jump until the trampoline is clear
  • Balls should only be thrown towards the hoop
  • No grabbing or hanging off the hoop, backboard or support bars
  • No jumping or dunking from behind the backboard
  • No kicking the balls
  • Stay on your track. Do not cross lanes
  • No assisted attempts
  • Do not remove or throw the balls out of the basketball activity area
  • Exit the jump area as quickly as possible by the nearest exit poin

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